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Recipes from Tender Friends | 14 June, 6-8pm

Please join us on Wednesday 14 June, 6-8pm for the launch of the new cookbook Recipes from Tender Friends, published by the Tenderbooks Imprint.

A recipe book is also a story.
This is the story of a meeting between twenty-four people of different ages and different lives, who are geographically separated but united in this book, because they share the pleasure of cooking.
From Madrid to London, with a zest of the Middle East, a pinch of Mexico, a sprinkle of Portugal, a drop of Charente-Maritime, a drizzle of Italy, plus a sweet delicacy from Paris.
And of course the main ingredient for a perfect dinner is a good bunch of Tenderfriends.
Keep cooking and read more books.

Bon appétit.

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