Benedict Brink & Naohiro Harada | A Dual Launch with Libraryman | 31 May, 6-8pm

Please join us on Wednesday 31 May, 6-8pm for a dual launch with Libraryman. We celebrate the publication of Bendedict Brink's Look, Touch and Naohiro Harada's Tokyo Fishgraphs.

Filmmaker Kersti Jan Werdal says of Benedict Brink's Look, Touch: 'The body becomes a busted sculpture, suspended in air and seen out of the corner of my eye. Is she close, or is the lens long? Regardless, I always feel the touch of skin, or the temperature that day. It’s an interesting push-pull to be met with an immediacy in her images, combined with a distance. Opposing forces attract. She respects the subject, allowing them privacy.'

Naohiro Harada’s series Tokyo Fishgraphs is an attempt to explore the origin of the eccentricity of Japanese visual culture through the usage of traditional methods by composing a fictional documentary for the audienceless 2020 Olympics, which was postponed due to the restrictions of the pandemic.
During this phantasmal time, Harada decided to convert the strange experience into a series of contemporary Mitate-e, i.e. a genre term within Japanese art that plays with allusions, puns, and gaps in what we understand, by depicting and parodying historical and traditional events.
Naohiro Harada is the recipient of the 2022 Libraryman Award.

Benedict and Naohiro will be present at the event for an informal signing. Special limited edition prints will also be on view and available to purchase.

Libraryman, founded in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden by Tony Cederteg, produces and publishes contemporary photobooks by initiating a preserving liaison with artistic perceptions from varied paths. In 2019, Libraryman Award was founded, an annual photobook prize for unpublished works by artists working with photography as medium.

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