Underworlds by Stephen Ellcock | Tuesday 3 October, 6-8pm

Please join us on Tuesday 3 October, 6-8pm for the launch of Underworlds by Stephen Ellcock.

Underworlds takes readers on a captivating visual odyssey to the underbelly of everything, beginning with depictions of life and natural systems existing beneath the surface of the Earth and ending with imagery that emanates from the depths of our subconscious. Work by world-renowned artists—from Peter Paul Rubens and René Magritte to contemporary artists such as Kara Walker and Roger Ballen—is featured alongside recently unearthed images from archives around the world. Expertly curated, themed, and paired by image alchemist Stephen Ellcock, these remarkable depictions evoke the underworlds—both real and imagined—that have fascinated humankind for millennia.

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