TenderChats | Brea Souders & Dal Chodha | 5 April, 1pm

Please join us on 5 April at 1pm UK time for TenderChats, our ongoing series of live conversations. We invite photographer Brea Souders to discuss her recent book Another Online Pervert published by MACK.

Another Online Pervert derives from a series of conversations between artist Brea Souders and a female online chatbot. These real-time conversations are interspersed with entries from Souders’ diary spanning twenty years, unfolding with a surprising and improvisational quality in combination with photographs from Souders’ archive. With this personal and provocative book, we are guided through a unique exploration of how a machine and a human can learn from one another and build a shared story from pieces of themselves.

TenderChats is an ongoing series of 30-minute musings on the magic and permanence of printed matter. A twice-monthly series of live conversations will be hosted by writer and publisher Dal Chodha on Instagram TV @tenderbooks.

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