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Sex Magazine Issue #12 | 2 November, 6-8pm.

Please join us for the launch of Sex Magazine Issue #12 on Tuesday 2 November,

Featuring: Anna Khachiyan, Mathieu Malouf, Ada Rook, Negative XP, Eli Keszler, Isabella Lovestory, Jiro Konami, Janicza Bravo, John Wilson, Abel Ferrara, Samuel Delany, Delicious Tacos, & Honor Levy.

Copies of Issue #11 and Sex Magazine #1-10 Book will also be available alongside stickers and pins.

Sex Magazine is an independent culture publication that since 2012 has acted as a real-time archive for a spectrum of creative ideas. The list of artists, designers, musicians, writers, and photographers featured in these editions reads like a yearbook of some of the most influential forces of the post-internet era.

Inspired by the independent magazine renaissance at the turn of the millennium, (Index, Butt, Made in USA) Sex sought to cultivate its own culture, channeling the digital-native, lo-fi aesthetic of an unregulated internet. Almost entirely interview based, the stories collected in Sex are honest, accessible, and non-academic, giving a direct voice to alternative attitudes and approaches towards both art and life.

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