Art Licks 22 | Saturday 17 March, 5-7pm

Please join us for the launch of Art Licks issue 22.

Issue 22 has been co-edited by Miriam Austin and Holly Willats, who have themed the magazine with the title, GORSEDD. Invited contributors share interests in mythology, mysticism, ritual, and folklore: referencing past beliefs and experiences as a way to understand current society and its possible futures.

For the launch Paul Gwilliam will read his text piece, A Day in Love; and Hannah Lees will present an adapted version of her performance, Suddenly they stop.

Music for the launch has been selected by the contributors.

The magazine includes new work and writing from Victoria Adam, Iain Ball & Valinia Svoronou (Co-Buddy), Verity Birt, Nathalie Boobis, Anna Bunting-Branch, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Mimosa Echard, Paul Gwilliam, Lewis Hammond, Emily Jones, Hannah Lees, Hadiru Mahdi, Kate Morrell, Lilian Nejatpour, Catarina de Oliveira, Anja Olofgörs, Imran Perretta, Lucy A. Sames, Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard (J&K), Holly Slingsby, SSEA, Laurie Storey, Ayesha Tan Jones, Esther Teichmann, Carla Wright, Vulpes Vulpes.

Image: Anna Bunting-Branch, figure feels fantom, (detail), 2018, courtesy of Art Licks and the artist

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