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BRICKS FROM THE KILN #1 Edited by Andrew Lister & Matthew Stuart

Book Launch / Exhibition Opening 4th February, 7 to 9pm
Exhibition on view 5th to 13th February

A book launch and exhibition of material related to, and stemming from, the inaugural issue of Bricks from the Kiln. Borrowing its title from the glossary notes of Ret Marut’s Der Ziegelbrenner (1917–1921), this first installment of 138 pages and 2 inserts features contributions from Ron Hunt, Natalie Ferris, Ralph Rumney, James Langdon, Mark Owens, Jamie Sutcliffe, Iain Sinclair, Traven T. Croves, Parallel School, Catherine Guiral and Max Harvey, He Pianpian & Li You. 

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