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The Words of My Father - Yousef Bashir

The Words of My Father - Yousef Bashir


In the Gaza Strip, growing up on land owned by his family for centuries, fourteen-year-old Yousef is preoccupied by video games, school pranks, and meeting his father’s impossibly high standards.

Everything changes when the Second Intifada erupts and soldiers occupy the family home, turning it into a virtual prison. Overtime, Yousef learns the rules of his new life in captivity – but he can’t anticipate that an Israeli bullet is about to transform his future in an instant.

YOUSEF BASHIR is a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, the son of a respected educator. After moving to the USA he earned a BA in International Affairs from Northeastern University and an MA in Co-existence and Conflict from Brandeis University. Now living in Washington DC, Bashir is a public speaker, author, and a peace advocate. He previously worked for the Palestinian Diplomatic Delegation to the United States.

Haus Publishing, 2018
Hardcover, 228pp

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