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Recipes from Tender Friends

Recipes from Tender Friends is a new cookbook published by the Tenderbooks Imprint.

A recipe book is also a story.
This is the story of a meeting between twenty-four people of different ages and different lives, who are geographically separated but united in this book, because they share the pleasure of cooking.
From Madrid to London, with a zest of the Middle East, a pinch of Mexico, a sprinkle of Portugal, a drop of Charente-Maritime, a drizzle of Italy, plus a sweet delicacy from Paris.
And of course the main ingredient for a perfect dinner is a good bunch of Tender Friends.
Keep cooking and read more books.

With recipes from
Evangeline Abbott, Lou Boyault Koen, Ninon Chaboud, Julie Chojnacki, Acilino Dias, Acilino Jr Dias, Augstin Gougeon, David Horvitz, Maxime Lebrun, Jeremy Lee, Benoit Margerie, Ella Marlow, Laure Massot, Maya Moumne, Jonathan Nunn, Adèle Onnion, Victor Plaza, Richard Porter, Scott Rogers, Alice Rousseau, Margherita Sabbioneda, Loïc Salvisberg, Céline Strolz, Hadrien Tranchant, Nathalie Tranchant & France Zirmis.

Tenderbooks, 2023
Designed by Duo Impair (Claire Mouton & Hadrien Tranchant)
With Illustrations by Claire Mouton
Printed in an edition of 150 copies
Including a sticker insert
Softcover, 46pp
282 x 195mm

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