TALKER 12: Agus Nur Amal PMTOH

TALKER is an interview zine about performance.

Issue #12 is a conversation with Agus Nur Amal PMTOH

Agus uses household objects for storytelling performances and creates art objects to share ideas, knowledge, conflict resolutions and trauma healing. Collaborating with artists, photographers, videographers, and educators, he aims to entertain and educate through various methods. This interview traces the formation of his performance practice following his graduation from the theatre faculty at the Jakarta Institute of Arts and return to his hometown Weh Island (Aceh, Sumatra) where he researched and studied the art of Acehnese storytelling. We also discuss his involvement in community empowerment activities, trauma healing and peace building projects throughout Indonesia. His work was featured in a major exhibition in Kassel, Germany as part of Documenta Fifteen in 2022.

Previous issues of TALKER have featured Ian White, Kate Valk, Richard Maxwell, Sue Tompkins, Spalding Gray with Kathy Acker, Dora García, Jo Fong, Paul Maheke, Clifford Owens, Barby Asante, Gustav Metzger and Miranda July.

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