Somesuch Stories, Issue 07 Bone

$20.00 $26.00
Themed BONE – Somesuch Stories latest annual journal sees the organic substance that forms our skeletons, and is symbolic of both life and death, explored by some of the most exciting names working in literature, art, poetry, and photography today.
Issue 7’s cover features a still from Lydia Garnett’s new muscle queer portrait series: “Guns Out”.

And further contributions across visual and written art forms have been specially created by: Jinwoo Chong | Julianknxx | Dior J Stephens | K Patrick | Moïra Fowley | Denisse Ariana Pérez | Rosalind Jana | Vincent Haycock | Jackson Whitefield | Priya Guns | Eli Goldstone | Kaliane Bradley | Sheida Soleimani | Kimberly Campanello | Jessica Andrews | Razelle | Jenkin van Zyl & Brittany Newell

Softcover, 232pp
235 x 170mm

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