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Long Live the New Flesh - Sam Moore

Long Live the New Flesh moves through screens, monsters, memories, and bodies, in an act of cultural cruising. Through sources as diverse as Love Island, Sailor Moon, and Hellraiser, these poems explore the endless acts of transformation that do so much to define queer life and identity. Looking at the past as well as the future, this is writing that reaches towards the possibility of liberation in unlikely places, offering a journey towards a new kind of trans future.

Each pamphlet is Singer-sewn bound in grey and red thread in a limited edition of 150.

Sam Moore is a writer, artist, and one of the founding editors of Third Way Press. Their writing on identity and culture has been published by Frieze, the LA Review of Books, Catapult, among others. Their first book, All my teachers died of AIDS, was published by Pilot Press in 2020.

Polari Press, 2022
Softcover, 28pp
210 x 148mm

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