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Invisible Tapestry Vol. 1

Invisible Tapestry is an interview zine that weaves together the untold stories of women artists on the margins, delving into how they navigate their identities and creative practices within intersecting realms. Vol.1 features two diaspora women artists residing in the UK, Cha Hyosun and Jan-Ming Lee.

Cha Hyosun creates music and images under the influence of her new environment since being based in the UK, with each piece revealing segments of the life of the artist in suburban London. Themes such as scratch-card-obsession, The Shard-fascination, and storytelling of her husband’s Caribbean family are all woven throughout her new music and videos.

Jan-Ming Lee is an artist who creates and facilitates interactive experiences through dance, music, and somatic education, focusing on empathy and communication in a world of social and cultural differences.

The content of Invisible Tapestry has been entirely produced by women, with photographers Fion Hung-Ching Yan and Yuxin Chen in collaboration for the creation of Vol.1.

Pink Noise Press, 2023
Korean & English text 
Softcover, 52pp
258 x 170mm

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