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Curatorial Feelings - Eloise Sweetman

Sweetman’s writing contributes to a genre of curators’ writing that takes things to heart, that takes things personally. Calling out her ‘curatorial feelings’ juxtaposes and unites the two modes of engagement: as a curator and as a sentient being. Curatorial feelings foreground subjectivity, intuition, senses, and belief systems, while pushing for new art historical narratives and an ethical professionalism.

Shimmer is a Rotterdam curatorial studio that experiments with exhibition-making in time and in space. Shimmer has recently worked with artists such as Geo Wyeth, Lawrence Weiner, Magali Reus, Louwrien Wijers, Joseph Grigely, Ellen Gallagher, Kate Newby, Theo van Doesburg, Marcel Duchamp and Ian Kiaer among others.

Shimmer Press, 2021
Softcover, 126pp
190 x 125

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