Control Magazine Issue Seventeen

Control Magazine Issue Seventeen


Creating Society Between People

Control Issue Nineteen presents a group of artists who are all developing a counter consciousness opposed to the possessive object, though in quite different ways, however they are all focussing their work on creating society between people. Here the artwork becomes a dynamic social process through a single event or a time-based series of events, which are even taken to the level of a simulation of a possible society or social state of affairs. As such the artists’ practices presented in this issue of Control Magazine provide the reader with a contemporary counter view to the current art world culture of the deterministic, authoritative and possessive object. 

Contributors include Rosalie Schweiker, Andrea Francke, Ross Taylor & Madalina Zaharia, Ricardo Basbaum

Control Magazine acts as a vehicle for proposals and explanations of art practice between artists seeking to create a meaningful engagement with contemporary society.

Published and edited by Stephen Willats, this pioneering magazine has documented the work of many artists, both from the UK and abroad and encouraged a wide discussion of artists’ practices. It has included contributions and original pieces from an extensive range of artists over its eighteen issues. Since 1965, the magazine has published work and writing by over 150 artists, including John Latham, Roy Ascot, Anthony Benjamin, Dan Graham, Mary Kelly, Helen Chadwick, Tony Cragg, Dennis Adams, Lawrence Weiner, Anish Kapoor, Martha Rosler, Jeremy Deller, alongside collectives and collaboratives such as Gallerie in Friedrichstrasse, Artists Placement Group and early producer’s galleries such as that of Dieter Hacker. Many of the artists have made artwork specially for the magazine.

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