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TenderChats | Suleika Mueller & Dal Chodha | 28 March, 1pm

Please join us on Thursday 28 March at 1pm UK time for TenderChats, our ongoing series of live conversations. We invite Suleika Mueller, photographer and publisher of RAYS.

RAYS explores women whose art serves as both a personal spiritual practice and outward creative expression. Throughout history and across the world, religion and spirituality have often been dominated by male figures and institutions, resulting in the overshadowing and exclusion of women and other marginalized groups in the practice of these traditions. RAYS pays homage to women who have bravely paved the way for their unique and artistic styles of spiritual practice, celebrating the myriad ways in which creativity serves as a conduit for the divine.

TenderChats is an ongoing series of 30-minute musings on the magic and permanence of printed matter. A twice-monthly series of live conversations will be hosted by writer and publisher Dal Chodha on Instagram TV @tenderbooks.

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