Smells Like Gay Pride | Thursday 23 June, 6-8pm

Please join us on Thursday 23 June, 6-8pm for 'Smells Like Gay Pride' the launch of a new limited-edition candle by Ian Giles to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the first London Gay Pride March.

Ian Giles has created a scent that playfully evokes the atmosphere of that iconic July day in 1972. When lit the candle releases memories and fills the air with pride. Those present at the protest remember scents of tobacco, weed, patchouli and exhaust fumes from London buses as they marched from Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park. They also shared memories of the smell of warm police uniforms in the July heat. In the park they held a ‘Gay Day’, people played oranges & lemons, some got naked, danced and kissed.

The candle’s label features a photograph of campaigners at the base of Nelson’s Column, from the Bishopsgate Institute archives.

The evening will also include a performed reading of an archive of sensory memories. Ian Giles asked artists and writers “What does Pride smell like?” with contributions from: AA Bronson, Prem Sahib, Jeremy Atherton-Lin, Amelia Abraham, Harold Offeh, Sam Ashby plus many more.

With thanks to GLF members: Andrew Lumsden, Stuart Feather and Nettie Pollard who marched 50 years ago.

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