Giles Round | The Library | 11 October, 6-8pm

Giles Round
The Library

Tuesday 11 October, 6-8pm
Until 29 October
Tuesday - Saturday, 12-6pm

Please join us on 11 October to celebrate a new commission by artist Giles Round.

The Library is a series of watercolour works on paper depicting the front covers of books by queer artists and writers.

The works cover a rich frame of reference from Virginia Woolf, Constance Spry, Truman Capote and James Baldwin; to Juliet Jacques, Annie Leibovitz and Etel Adnan. Round's selection follows no overarching principle or criteria - some are personal favourites, others recommendations, often they are visually interesting or appealing to paint - all are significant. They are at once a visual reading list, a celebration, and a homage to queer history. This series, begun by Round during the tiered restrictions of 2020, is open-ended and ongoing. The Library is open.

Supported by Arts Council England.

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