Double launch of Bricks from the Kiln #3 and The Serving Library Annual 2018/19 | Thursday 25 October, 6-8pm

Double launch of Bricks from the Kiln #3 and The Serving Library Annual 2018/19
Thursday 25 October, 6-8pm
Bricks from the Kiln #3 is published as text, image and sound, and includes segments on: a contextual history of the oblique, one of the earliest marks of punctuation; an interview on interviewing; a revived ceremonial song lacking a melody; some soft rock for hard times; a visual essay punctuating the recorded voice of Virginia Woolf; a tour through the bowels of the Chicago Board Options Exchange; a bell tower score for a city-wide soundwork; a solo interview-cum-performance; an “aftereading”; Inuktitut syllabics as a mixture of semantics, poetry and marketing; and James Baldwin and Claudia Rankine in constructed conversation. Each of these segments is supported and supplemented by an accompanying audio(visual) component, which, as the issue is launched, will be broadcast on the BFTK homepage and subsequently archived online. The issue is edited by Andrew Lister & Matthew Stuart and features contributions from Bryony Quinn, Nayia Yiakoumaki & Matthew Stuart, Astrid Seme, Mark Owens, Paul Bailey & Sophie Demay, Till Wittwer, Emma Smith, Bruce McLean, Alexandru Balgiu, David Bennewith, Nontsikeleo Mutiti & Tinashe Mushkavanhu, James Bulley, and Peter Nencini. 
This year’s Serving Library Annual is guest-co-edited by Italian novelist and translator Vincenzo Latronico, and explores how *translation* is fast becoming a significant site for the negotiation of identities and power dynamics in an increasingly English-centered cultural scene. Departing from literature and the visual arts, the issue soon veers off into mathematics, music, architecture, and religion. It is published by Roma Publications and edited by Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, Vincenzo Latronico, and David Reinfurt. It includes bulletins by Meehan Crist, Katrina Dodson, Lucile Dupraz, Claudia Durastanti, Joseph Grigely, Meg Miller, Minae Mizumura, the National Security Agency, Philip Ording, David Osbaldeston, David Reinfurt, Anna Della Subin, The Annotated Fall, and Emily Wilson.

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