Daily Practice by Johanna Tagada | Saturday 27 October, 5-7pm

Johanna Tagada - Daily Practice 
Published by InOtherWords
Saturday 27th October5 – 7 pm
Prepare your morning tea unhurriedly. 
Write letters to a future you.
Practice your left hand’s flexibility on the piano.
Go for a run in the woods.
The notion of daily practice represents the guiding theme of this book. Featuring hundred eleven individual artworks gathered around eight themes, it introduces the artistic practice of French-born artist Johanna Tagada http://www.johannatagada.net/. The publication present the versatile nature of Johanna Tagada’s work, which encompasses a broad range of techniques, materials, and media including figurative and non-figurative drawings and paintings, collage, textile work, sculpture, and photography. 
Edited & Designed by OK-RM http://www.ok-rm.co.uk/

Complimentary tisanes by My Cup of Tea http://www.mycupoftea.co.uk/ will be served on the occasion.
Launch event facilitated by Poetic Pastel http://www.poeticpastel.com

A special window display by the artist will be on view until October 31st.
Text by Veronika Muchitsch.

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