Diamond Cross by John Balsom | 12 November, 6-8pm

Please join us on 12 November, 6-8pm for a book signing and exhibition to celebrate the publication of photographer John Balsom's first book Diamond Cross. 

Diamond Cross evokes an intimate and poignant contemplation and self-examination through the religious part of American West culture. With its enduring and symbolic icon of the cowboy, which has predominantly been characterised through centuries in the media as gunfighters on horseback, the series tells a earthly tale from exceptional pastures, its rich scenery and with a raging past.

Documenting horse whisperer Grant Golliher, his wife Jane Golliher, their son Luke Long and their family of ranch workers, Balsom captures the tranquil aura of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Its sustained heritage and the magic that happens in the valley may have a tangible affect on the beholder.

The book contains a preface written by John Balsom and is published by Libraryman. Limited edition prints will be available to purchase as well as copies of the book. 

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