BlackMass Publishing | 9 November, 6-8pm

Please join us on 9 November, 6-8pm for a special evening with BlackMass Publishing's Yusuf Hassan and Kwamé Omari. We celebrate the release of their new joint publication a tooth for a tooth.

a tooth for a tooth in a way acts as a visual conversation between the two, thinking about how images live in space next to each other, in or out of context. Each selecting 50 images in response to one another, the two build a narrative influenced by call and response rhythms. The new publication will be presented alongside a special selection of previous works by BlackMass.

BlackMass Publishing is an independent publisher promoting and publishing books and zines by Black artists founded by Yusuf Hassan. At once a structure of coherent units and a collection of disjointed parts, BlackMass invokes an aggregate of Blackness, of matter in resistance. Combining archival photographs and found print material with poetry and jazz music, BlackMass grapples with the blurred lines and idiosyncrasies which make up the collective improvisation of African diasporic culture.

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