A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves | Wednesday 28 November, 6-8pm

Please join us to celebrate the launch of ‘A Real Living Contact with the Things Themselves’, a collection of essays on architecture by Irénée Scalbert on Wednesday 28 November, 6-8pm.  

This book, by architectural writer Irénée Scalbert, bears witness to some of the more significant developments in architecture during the last 25 years. The essays alternate between detailed studies of major buildings, written while these were being designed or as they were being rediscovered after a period of oblivion, and broader historical surveys that seek out the origin of contemporary architectural ideas. More than its extent, however, what distinguishes this writing is that it is the result of direct experience – of interviews with architects, clients, engineers and users, and of the pleasurable, at times rapturous, contemplation of architecture. 

The book is published by Park Books and designed by Mathias Clottu. 

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