Douceurs de l'imperceptible : Group exhibition & publication launch by Poetic Pastel

Exhibition opening 15 January, 6.30-8.30pm

“ If you are fortunate, the memory will be more recent than childhood. The repeated lines of words and music are like paths. These paths are circular and the rings they make are linked together like those of a chain. You
walk along these paths and are led by them in circles which lead from one to the other, further and further away. The field upon which you walk and upon which the chain is laid is the song.”

Poetic Pastel draws together the work of seven artists and creatives in DOUCEURS DE L’IMPERCEPTIBLE
– いなかのはな, a publication and group exhibition exploring the themes of nature, positive memories, fragility and childhood as they manifest through various intimate and personal experiences. Spanning multiple mediums such as painting, film, poetry, drawing, textile and sound, the exhibition includes artworks by Johanna Tagada, Jatinder Singh Durhailay, Toshimitsu Kokido, Rie Yamada, Ruby Woodhouse, Tomoya Kato, Tilmann S. Wendelstein - The Simple Society.

As artists and thinkers living in different parts of the world, they all share an interest and sympathy to rural life and a common preoccupation on how to, through their practices, express its positive influences. Materialising
their views in multiple pieces of art, each artist exploits the properties of their material of choice generating a new conversation. DOUCEURS DE L’IMPERCEPTIBLE – いなかのはな is putting light on contemporary
concerns, a world often frail of fragile illusions, societies to which they hope to bring an honest and tender warmth.

Poetic Pastel is a positive and collaborative project founded in 2014 by Johanna Tagada. Focusing on Art, Publishing and Textile, Poetic Pastel is an open conversation inspired by natural elements, warm memories, rhythm, colours, feelings, relationships, literature, poetry, tea culture and daily life. Poetic Pastel’s various projects result in a series of events, exhibitions, meetings, writings, textiles and unique hand-bound publications.

Poetic Pastel previous projects include collaborations with; Tate Modern Bookshop, Celina Basra, Sophie Yerly, Utrecht Now Idea, Buchhandlung Walther König, The Garden Edit, BOOK STAND, Claire Cottrell,
MAMC Strasbourg, Librairie Kléber, Freunde von Freunden, Kiyora Organic Tea, Kunsthalle Basel, IKO Space, Audrey Fondecave


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