Book launch and reading
Thursday 7 April, 6.30-8.30pm 

Join us for a reading and drinks to celebrate the launch of From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking by Bertie Marshall. The ninth book in Publication Studio’s Fellow Travelers series, From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking is part travelogue memoir novella prose poem in memoriam.

Sutton place south in NYC, Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, South Van Ness

in San Francisco, oh yes a 48 hour stop over in Singapore, white Mercedes car

from the airport, bright green palm trees, 24th floor hotel room, curtains drawn

I slept and woke up in a lost time zone ... ah those little pills even back then

those little pills, were my ambassadors to dreams ...’’

In the St Regis cafe on the Isle St Louis in Paris and the Cinema cafe in

Berlin. The writer / narrator, awake or asleep is in danger of disappearing

from himself. From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking is also an

elegy to Pete, Pete from Toledo, Ohio. It features black and white images

by the author. 

is the author of Berlin Bromley (his critically acclaimed

memoir about his life as part of The Bromley Contingent and mid-70s

pre punk London) his other books include Psychoboys, a novel and Nowhere

Slow, collected writings. The British Library have recently acquired

his archive.

Fellow Travelers series extends the

pioneering work of Paris-based Olympia Press’s Traveller’s Companion

series of the 1950s and ‘60s, which published work that had been banned or

censored through moralistic prohibitions. Our series presents great new work

that has been effectively “censored” by the market. In our day, the market

is the definitive censor. The Fellow Travelers series proudly presents great

work that the market has not endorsed, but that we believe in.

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