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Weight and Measure - Richard Serra


SERRA, Richard. 
Weight and Measure 1992. 
Original exhibition brochure. Single folded sheet [300 x 210mm] with illustrations in b&w. London: Tate Gallery, 1992. 

Exhibition brochure for Weight and Measure, an installation made by Richard Serra at the Tate Gallery in 1992. The work consisted of two blocks of forged steel which were placed in the two central sculpture halls at Tate. Serra said, 'The tension of the piece is based on its difference in elevation ... The two forged blocks set up a visual field where the entire space becomes a manifestation of sculpture'. The brochure includes illustrations of various works by Serra together with a text by Simon Wilson. The image on the front of the brochure shows the sculptures for Weight and Measure being fabricated at a steel mill in Hattingen Germany. 

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