Tokyo Polytechnic University Shadai Gallery Daido Moriyama Archive 1960 - 1982

“The work on this book repeatedly gave me opportunities to re-encounter all those fragmented records of events and occurrences, of lights and shadows falling on all kinds of places and situations, that I have witnessed and captured. Now that I stood in front of them once again, these fragmented images presented themselves to me as rather fresh depictions of miscellaneous, indistinct entanglements of space and time. Here they were, coming together in a different time and space altogether, to tell me about this and that, yet without evoking any sense of nostalgia.”
— Daido Moriyama

This massive publication consists of 930 photographs taken by Daido Moriyama in the first twenty years of his career. Starting with the oldest existing print from 1960 and ending around the publication of Moriyama’s photobook “Light and Shadow” in 1982, the book allows an unprecedented insight into the work – including many previously unpublished images – of one of Japan’s greatest photographers.

In addition to the photographs, the book includes forewords by Daido Moriyama and Hiroaki Yoshino (president of the Tokyo Polytechnic University) as well as texts by designer Satoshi Machiguchi and publisher Yutaka Kambayashi, detailed information for each included image, and a chronologic overview of Moriyama’s career.

Getsuyosha, 2021
Signed copy. 
Hardcover, 832pp
300 x 222mm

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