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Time in Air, Time in Paper - Sachiko Morita


Sachiko Morita, an artist based in Angers, France, is profoundly honest about her own pleasures and curiosities that she finds in her daily life. To prove this, her gaze transitions from the soils of her garden to a 35mm film camera and eventually to watercolor paper.

Her approach to photography is unique. She creates her own photographic paper by applying a photosensitive emulsion with a brush to Italian Fabriano watercolor paper. She then handles a classic enlarger to expose photographs taken in natural light with a 35mm film camera onto the photographic paper. Subsequently the emulsions are meticulously cleared off with a paintbrush and hot water, as if drawing shadows.

As a result, the drawings-like intuitive outlines of her subjects, which are characteristic of her work, can be perceived as both aspect: the photographic one that captures an instant in time, and the pictorial one that is completed over time while defining lines and shadows. With an eye on these two facets, in this title "Time in Air, Time in Paper" Morita attempts to recompose 51 works from over 20 years and capture the simplicity of the flow of time that exists in her own watercolor paper. Morita's works make us strongly aware of "reality and the passing of time". In addition, by poring over her distinctive flow of time, her works may stimulate us with the pleasure of viewing not only through visually but also through our senses.

Cairo Apartment, 2022
Hardcover, 72pp 
280 x 220mm 

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