René Scheibenbauer Rehearsal in Progress Zine

Rehearsal in Progress, a film made by René Scheibenbauer in collaboration with movement director and dancer Lydia Walker, showcases Scheibenbauer’s collection (in) Motion as well as embodying the essential vocabulary of the brand more broadly. Walker’s choreography introduces new inspirations, the work of Alexandra Bachzetsis and Vincent Dunoyer, whilst sharing in Scheibenbauer’s interest in pedestrian movement and the permeable boundaries between casual and structural, gentle and sharp, loose and precise.

The film could be at once the inspiration behind the collection, a presentation of the collection, or simply rehearsal footage where dancers have, quite spontaneously, walked in off the street wearing Scheibenbauer’s clothes – You would probably think it is the latter given the sensual lived-in thin jersey and softly sloped structure of the tailoring.

Capturing the dance rehearsal as a container to bring feelings into form, we move through moments of mundanity to curiosity, social play back to individual practice, spontaneity to synchronised performance and then rest. There is, in the rehearsal, something of the quality of a sky shifting over the course of a day – you can never quite believe it is the same sky, the same day, that once contained blue and now grey, turned pink then black.

Rehearsal in Progress is a quiet ode to modern dressing set in motion.

René Scheibenbauer, 2024
150 x 210mm

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