Pochibukuro. Tiny Envelope for Tipping.

YUMIOKA, Katsumi. 
Pochibukuro. Tiny Envelope for Tipping.
Small 8vo. 592pp. Colour illustrations throughout in printed boards. Japanese and English text. Tokyo: PIE Books, 2007.

Pochibukuro is a small paper bag or envelope used in Japan for politely giving tips, wrapping presents or gifting money to children at New Year. Pochibukuro designs represent an important part of Japanese printing culture that began in Meiji era Japan (1868-) and were originally printed with woodblocks. This packaging culture also advances the idea of collecting since the designs made the object too beautiful to be thrown away.

This book features over 700 designs, with a focus on traditional Japanese patterns and illustration. Examples of miniature Pochibukuro are included, named akatsuki-gata or ‘at dawn’.

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