Parallax: Conspiracy Theories, Details, and the Act of Looking Closely - Ellie Wyatt


Responding to the rise of conspiracy theories in the 21st Century, Parallax is an expansive exploration of the complex relationships between (un) truth, vision, and technology. Through a curated series of texts and visual works, Ellie Wyatt investigates how conspiracy theories are facilitated by urgent technological advances, the legacies of detailed modes of sight, and the circle as a magical and scientific tool.

By drawing links across science, visual culture, art history, popular culture and occult practices, Wyatt hopes to situate conspiracy theories not as isolated products of the current moment, but as deeply rooted cultural phenomena that are becoming increasingly difficult to dismantle or disentangle from reality. In the wider contemporary context of massive inequalities and extreme polarity, Parallax asks what truth is, what it was, and if we can still seek it.

With texts and contributions from Ellie Wyatt, Clare Birchall & Peter Knight, Stan Portus, Jennifer Raab, Eugene Thacker and Jorge Luis Borges.

Foolscap Editions, 2023
Softcover, 200pp
240 x 160mm

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