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ORCHID - Ottilie Landmark

ORCHID sprung from a personal project during which photographer Ottilie Landmark met the zine’s muse, Orchid. Collaborating with movement director, Becky Namgauds, the project became an intimate exploration of nudity and glamour.

After hand printing the images of Orchid over a period of months, Landmark felt inspired to share them in an offline format where they could be experienced uncensored. “They are in some way super simple, and maybe that’s the point. It’s a portrait of a person I met and felt a connection with on the day we shot. The zine is the result of this meeting”.

The images have been shot on a variety of film formats: medium format, 35mm and polaroid, and have been hand printed.


Ottilie Landmark is a Danish photographer based in London. Her photography focuses on capturing the nuances of intimacy, desire, and identity, with a special emphasis on queer and female subjects. Working predominantly with film, Landmark handprints her images where she shapes the aesthetic outcome.

Orchid is a trailblazing British-Nigerian artist and filmmaker, celebrated for her captivating creativity as a director, and her powerful presence as a performance artist.

Becky Namgauds is a choreographer, movement director and performer creating for stage and screen.

Self-published, 2023
Edition of 150
Signed and numbered
Softcover, 28pp
210 x 280mm

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