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Notre pain quotidien. - Lalie Thébault Maviel.

"There is religious bread that is blessed, social bread that is put on the table, political bread that provokes revolts, tourist bread that is carried under the arm, gastronomic bread that is prepared in a thousand ways. Bread is more a bearer of meaning than of knowledge." Marie Astier, What bread do we want?, Edition du Seuil, September 2016

The book Notre pain quotidien (litteraly: Our Daily Bread) is presented as a lacunar and subjective encyclopedia of bread, which reports on its presence in our lives and its political, social, economic, and aesthetic developments. Organized in visual plates, it unfolds a collective memory around this staple food, going from its manufacture to its most derived uses.

September Books, 2022
Softcover, 178pp
297 x 210mm

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