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Jamie Reid Rogue Materials: 1972-2021

Aided and abetted by the immediacy of xerox-machines, Jamie Reid has been hooked on the freedom of designing by cut, paste, copy & scrawl since his first encounter with these machines in 1972.

Along with a burgeoning DIY scene Reid recognised the errors, experimentation & play inherent in the medium of photocopying made it ideal not just for drafting artwork but for communicating with visceral speed the radical ideas of the time: using it to disseminate agit-prop for the Black Panthers to anti-war rallying cries.

Here, the scraps of the medium are the message: cutting room floor detritus encompassing 50 years of protest, music, art, radical thinking & speaking out. From Reid’s beginnings at community activist publication Suburban Press, to punk, the Sex Pistols and beyond, shot through with political & spiritual proclamations this book is a collage testament to Reid’s maxim: Keep Warm, Make Trouble.

L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, 2023
Hardcover, 176pp
300 x 236mm

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