Hysteric Rooms - Daisy Davidson

Daisy Davidson documents alternative fashion and culture past and present on their Instagram.

Hysteric Rooms is a follow up to Daisy's ongoing series Hysteric Snaps which documents youth street fashion in London. The series progresses to the subjects within their rooms. From hyper-cutesy anime mess to Paul Dano shrines, Daisy captures each person's unique space as well as their personal fashion style.

“I have always loved to look at old photos on Flickr of people’s bedrooms, from goths to old-school anime fans. Each person’s room – regardless of the subculture they’re in – there’s always some little detail in personal space that make it uniquely that person’s. This is something I’m super aware of, a bedroom really is such a special place and to be allowed to photograph people in such a space is something I’m so humbled by.” – Daisy Davidson interviewed by Sola Adeaga, Dazed Digital

Softcover, 20pp

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