Selected Han-Shan Poems for Hippie Reading. - C.M Chen

Selected Han-Shan Poems for Hippie Reading.
First Edition. 16mo. 48pp text in stapled wrappers. (Kalimpon, India): C.M. Chen's Booklet Series No. 53, 1970.
Wrappers a little discoloured. A good copy.

A cool, idiosyncratic printing of the Buddhist hermit Han-Shan's poems from the 9th century. These poems have been translated by C.M.Chen, the eccentric hermit Yogi Chen who went in search of Buddhist teachings and spent several years living in a cave in isolation. He lived subsequently in Kalimpong India from 1947 until 1972 before moving to Berkeley, USA.

In this little roughly hand-printed book Yogi Chen offers up advice to 'modern' hippies in the hope that they can possess the same merits as the 'ancient' hippie guru Han-Shan. Yogi Chen also offers up details of Han-Shan's life to illuminate the translated poems.

The front cover notes 'A Gift by The Buddhist Hippies Leader Ven. Gary Snyder, California USA'. Scarce, no copies found listed on Worldcat.

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