Gaijin Omoide Poroporo Hikari - David Favrod


Born in Japan to a Swiss father and a Japanese mother, David Favrod spent his childhood in Switzerland, mainly with his mother, who passed on her principles and culture. This heritage pushed him to ask for the double nationality at the age of 18. Gaijin, which means foreigner in Japanese, is the result of the rejection of this request. A fictional account of the photographer’s quest for identity, the book is inspired by memories of his travels as well as a multitude of stories such as those told by his mother, those of popular and traditional Japanese culture, and the war stories passed down by his grandparents.

Published by Kodoji Press, the book presents a dreamlike universe, witnessing a moving story.

Kodoji Press, 2022
Softcover, 344pp
235 x 210mm 

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