Corporeal - Spyros Rennt

Corporeal presents Spyros Rennt’s experiences and observations of different
communities (the queer community and the underground club scene,
sometimes intertwined), not from an outsider perspective, but as a part of
these groups. The content of the images is personal and ranges from tender to
raw; humour can also be present. His friends and loved ones are his favourite
subjects. The relationships are recorded in the public sphere as well as in
private: on club dancefloors and bedrooms, on beaches and hotel rooms.
The camera aims at objects or spaces occasionally, his main focus however
remains people.

“My work celebrates queer visibility. I create with the desire to contribute to current emancipatory struggles while remaining relevant and still resonating to future generations. Vulnerable expressions, vivid colours, random gestures are some of the elements I look for when I produce an image.”

Spyros Rennt, 2023
Hardcover, 160pp
First edition printed in Athens
250 x 180mm

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