Cooking With Scorsese - The Collection

Nearly ten years after the series first began, a new volume brings together three instalments of Cooking with Scorsese, an ongoing homage to the experience of food in film. In this collection of screenshot sequences extracted from the history of cinema, food becomes a character, a plot point and a sensory experience – with dishes made to sadden, gladden, entertain and seduce. Cooking with Scorsese & Juzo Itami & John Hughes & Gabriel Axel & Jeremiah Chechik & Tran Anh Hung & Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci & Nora Ephron & Stephen Chow & Li Lik-chi & Ang Lee & Francis Ford Coppola & Gary Marshall & Park Chul-soo & Wes Anderson & Bob Giraldi & Naoko Ogigami & Tomoaki Akune & Junichi Mori & David Kaplan & Naomi Kawase & Paul Thomas & Danny DeVito & Harmony Korine & Jim Jarmusch & Bong Joon-ho & Sharon Maguireo & others.

Hato Press, 2023
Softcover, 564pp
200 x 100mm

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