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Close One's Eyes - Peter Greene

SMUT Press is delighted to present Close One’s Eyes, a 40 page photographic and text based zine by emerging photographer Peter Greene as the fourth publication in our printed matter series. Whilst the zine’s title (a line paraphrased from a line in Bachelard’s renowned work, The Poetics of Space) may be a clear reference to concerns of the body in space, more widely this work can be regarded as a focus on the core idea of any experience of a space and time as being deeply particular and individual.

Influenced by themes of placelessness, this carefully considered work responds to the unstable connections that exist between people and their environment. Greene’s experimental use of text and approach to language attempts to articulate an understanding of a world filled with uncertainty. For Greene, this sense of placelessness was borne from a social landscape in flux caused by the consequences of a city restricted by pandemic conditions. However, Close One’s Eyes is a work that surpasses categorisation as simply a work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; these are atmospheric, timeless photos and a powerful statement of intent from an emerging talent.

Peter Greene is a photographer and visual artist based in Dublin, currently in his final year of the BA course in Photography at the Institute of Art and Design in Dublin. Greene uses his photography as a vehicle to document and reflect on the world around himself but also as a tool to generate significance to that world. This is Peter’s first published zine and the fourth work of printed matter to be commissioned by SMUT Press. SMUT Press is a collective print publishing project based between Dublin and London founded in 2022 by Jack Scollard and Jordan Hearns. The press aims to spotlight and support queer artists to produce printed matter, founded on the support of a wider community, artistic collaboration and mutual cooperation.

SMUT Press, 2022
Softcover, 40pp
Edition of 70 copies 

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