Art School - Richard Bevan, Tamsin Clark & Sophia Phoca


Is it an idea? Is it a material? Is it a word? Is it a copy? 

There will be questions about strategies, influences, origins of images.

'You're possibly looking at the wrong thing. That's the thing about an inquiry - if you are interested enough it immediately leads you to another, totally different inquiry. In art school they call it "research", but it's actually just "being interested". So, immediately there's a double inquiry here.' - Ryan Gander

'If one says "Red" - the name of the colour - and there are 50 people listening it can be expected that there will be 50 reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.' - Josef Albers

This book is an expanded version of a publication that was commissioned to be given to Fine Art students on the first day of their degrees at University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury. 

Designed and published by Setsuko, 2017
Printed by Hato Press
First edition 350 copies
9x A3 fold out poster sheets with 2 postcard inserts

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