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An Anthology of Concrete Poetry (In Braille) - Rachel Simkover

£45.00 £75.00
Simkover, Rachel (ed.)
An Anthology of Concrete Poetry (In Braille).
First edition. (26.5 x 26 cm) spiral bound with loose yellow printed wrapper. 72pp.
Motto Books, 2013.
A very good copy. 

An Anthology of Concrete Poetry was first edited and published by Emmett Williams and Something Else Press in 1967. In 2013, artist Rachel Simkover chose a selection of poems from the anthology to have transcribed into braille. Included are visual poems by Friedrich Achleitner, Bob Cobbing, Eugen Gomringer, Franz Mon, Gerhard Rühm, Paul de Vree, Emmett Williams, Haroldo de Campos and Claus Bremer.

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