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The Alec Gill Hessle Road Photo Archive 1971-1987

This book is a celebration and exploration of the photographic study of one road and its community in the port city of Kingston upon Hull. Located in the northeast of England, Hull, as it’s commonly known, sits at the heart of the UK’s historic fishing culture.

Alec Gill took his first photograph of Hull's Hessle Road community in 1971. He drew up a boundary map and stuck to it conscientiously, taking photographs in the same area on his Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera over a 15-year period.

Over 200 images are presented alongside archival material such as Alec's camera and notebooks, setting the work in its historical context. His depiction of the once vibrant working-class neighbourhood during the decline of its fishing trade and a period of mass housing demolition witnesses the changing landscape over time and is a warm representation of a community that deserves to be more widely recognised. The photographs tap into the ever-hopeful attitude of Hessle Roaders despite the chaotic situation they found themselves in.

In Alec’s work, we are presented with the light and shade of a part of British history that is not often spoken about outside of Hull – a unique portrayal of resilience, unity and human connection.

Softcover, 306 pp
Swiss bound, exposed spine
212 x 275 mm

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