[A small collection of Japanese theatre and cinema ephemera].


[A small collection of Japanese theatre and cinema ephemera].
Nine small programmes. Colour printed illustrated wrappers (22 x15 cm, 19 x 13cm, 15 x 8cm, 17 x 19cm). Illustrated contents. [Osaka & Takarazuka]: c. 1920-1935.
Clear and bright.

A small group of cinema and theatre programmes from inter-war Japan including six volumes of Shochikuza News, an independent publication printed by the Shochikuza theatre in Osaka to highlight its programme of weekly foreign films. These programmes include dynamic modernist artwork by young designers of the period. In addition, the two square programmes originate from the Takarazuka theatre. Takarazuka is a female-led troupe famous for its radical cross-dressing productions that responded to the Kabuki form which had traditionally banned women from appearing in theatre roles. The programmes are lavishly illustrated and include attractive advertisements for cosmetics and beauty products.

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