A Box of Landscapes - Thomas A Clark & Laurie Clark

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Clark, Thomas A. (Text), Clark, Laurie (Drawings).
A Box of Landscapes.
Moschatel Press, 2021.

New. Fourth collected edition. 315 x 220 x 400mm., 42 small cards, multiples and books, mostly handprinted and handbound, in a black cardboard portfolio with a printed title label.

From an edition of 10 copies only. Signed by the artist and poet.

Forty two publications produced from 1979 to the present. The collection includes early editions and represents over 40 years of publishing by Thomas A Clark and Laurie Clark, from Moschatel Press and others, documenting a period where they were at their most prolific. A full list of items is available on request. These small printed items may be arranged to evoke the details and atmosphere of a landscape.
As Thomas A Clark puts it: ‘Poetry is an art of condensation, folding whole landscapes and discourses into a verse or a line, to be unfolded later by the reader. Designed for a jacket pocket, or for a table or mantelpiece, rather than the bookshelf, often holding only a phrase or an image, you can open the box and unfold a range of landscapes, trees, hills, orchards, rivers’. Signed by Author(s).

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