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1990 WESTWOOD Blvd - Yann Faucher and Adam Winder


1990 WESTWOOD Blvd. by Yann Faucher and Adam Winder documents training days in a wrestling school in Los Angeles. The series captures the dichotomy between the apparent brutality of this combat sport and the camaraderie, vulnerability, and closeness that emerge from the group’s interactions on and off the mat.

There’s a genuine intimacy between two men on the mat together; with its yielding, almost gentle softness, it carves a space for physical proximity and intimacy that feels rare. But the connection is fragile, a tension that’s always in danger of being pushed to the breaking point. – Sam Moore

The book has been designed as a document to present the series with an apparent rawness. It features visible staples and craft paper while showing its softness as the reader dives into the photographs printed on smooth paper. There is also an element of physicality and discovery, with fold-out pages for more immersive imagery.

Yann Faucher is a French photographer based in Paris. His interest in photography sparked during his teen years, marking the beginning of an ongoing exploration. Self-taught, Faucher turned to analogue photography for its deliberate pace, cherishing its tangible results and allowing anticipation before unveiling an image explaining that room for error fosters a more authentic representation. His photography is deeply rooted in human connection, cherishing the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and learn from them. It is this exact personal and intimate experience that drives his passion for image-making.

Adam Winder is a British stylist based in Los Angeles. He came to his role in image making through studying photography and working in art direction until finding that it was through collaboration with photographers that he could best express his visual narrative. Favouring a more documentary and portraiture approach in imagery, clothing is used naturally in his work to best reflect the character being photographed.  His understanding of imagery allows him to go beyond only styling to communicate visually from concept to layout.

Forma Editions, 2024
Softcover, 80pp 
280 x 225mm 

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