Collecting Memory. Volume (01).

Collecting Memory is a publication that explores the relationship between object and memory in an investigation of what it means to archive – and remember – today. This relationship is explored through the personal archives of six artists and practitioners traversing fashion, publishing and art who each presented the objects they recognised as emblems of their memory.

Volume (01) contains the memories of Elise By Olsen, director of the International Library of Fashion Research; Yusuf Hassan, founder of BlackMass Publishing; Dal Chodha, writer and Editor-in-chief of Archivist Addendum; John Foley, one half of organic perfumery S/JF Narrative; Sophie Eleanor Turner, artist and founder of Lore Archive; and finally, Celeste Burgoyne, the performance artist and poet whose words are weaved throughout the entirety of Collecting Memory.

Blurring the line between individual and collective memory, truth and fiction, the publication also features the visual archive of an unknown photographer – originally obtained from a house clearance – in an attempt to make sense of his memories. In doing so, the unknown photographer becomes the seventh contributor.

Preserving the memories of its contributors, Collecting Memory becomes a repository of sorts but one that isn’t necessarily fixed or final. Like the memories it contains – which in their very nature will be forgotten, remembered and forgotten once again – the publication will evolve. With each engagement, new memories are conceived.

Collecting Memory, 2023
Each copy with a unique postcard 
210 x 150mm

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