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Sottsass Showers - Aaron Krach

“The ceramics from Italian designer Ettore Sottsass (1917-2007) bulge and gleam. They seduce the viewer with tactile curves. So do the men in Physique Pictorial, the original beefcake magazine. Personally, I am very fond of the once-an-issue photograph of a hunk taking a shower. So many questions. What temperature is the water? Is it safe for the expensive camera and lighting to be so close to splashing water? Sottsass’s sexy ceramics inspire other questions. Is that red legal? Is that a breast or the head of an erect penis? Can anyone associated with Memphis be taken seriously, especially as an eroticist?

This book is a mash-up of both of my infatuations, I printed the ceramics directly on the photographs of naked men. The book contains traditional, opaque paper as well as translucent vellum, and in the back, smart commentary from clever designers and artists. Did you know David Hockney was a fan of Physique Pictorial’s shower shots?

Many thanks to Sasa Antic, Jason O’Malley, Billy Miller, Peter Ross and Benjamin Tischer for their contributions.” - Aaron Krach 

Aaron Krach, 2021
Offset, matte paper and vellum
Perfect bound softcover, 78pp
Edition of 100, signed by the artist

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