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Ku, Ibiza 1984 - Derek Ridgers

When Derek Ridgers spent his first holiday in Ibiza in 1983, he was amazed to witness the vibrant and extraordinary nightlife of his capital, especially the huge KU club located just a few kilometers away. Upon returning the following year, he decided to immortalize all that and present it to The Face magazine. However, the idea of ​​an article on the Ibizan scene was rejected.

It is undeniable that those years marked a renaissance of music, freedom and creativity on the island, which was exported around the world. Balearic rhythms, ecstasy, chillout, superclubs and the rave scene became the biggest story of the youth culture of the eighties.

Forty years after these never-before-published photographs, OJOS DE BUEY recovers this testimony of Ibiza, called "the decadent playground of the entire world's imagination."

Ojos de Buey, 2024
Softcover, 32pp
245 x 170mm

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