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Sex Magic: Ithell Colquhoun’s Diagrams of Love - Amy Hale


A unique body of work and a radical contribution to our understanding of magic, art, sexual enlightenment and female desire, this exquisitely illustrated book provides an introduction to Ithell Colquhoun’s enigmatic series of paintings, drawings and poems: Diagrams of Love.

Exploring Colquhoun's blend of alchemical, Kabbalistic and Tantric imagery and placed within the context of theories of sex magic extant in the occult subcultures of the early twentieth century, this beautiful little book of erotic art and poetry is one to treasure.

Dr. Amy Hale is an Atlanta-based writer, curator, and critic, ethnographer and folklorist, speaking and writing about esoteric history, magic, art, culture, women and Cornwall. She writes and speaks on topics as diverse as psychogeography, Cornish ethnonationalism, Pagan religious tourism, colour theory, and extremist politics in modern Paganism.

Tate Publishing, 2024
Hardcover, 96pp
215 x 170mm

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